Why Maraley is Exceptional

Every single woman in the working world knows how important first impressions are. From the first interview to your first presentation in front of colleagues, a male-dominated workplace means you’ve got to make an impression that lasts. If you don’t, you might find yourself at the bottom of the food-chain for a while!

And what’s the key to a long-lasting and impactful first impression in the office? Of course, it’s what you’re wearing! This is one of the first things that people notice about each other when first interacting. And Maraley has the business casual clothes that will help you make that impression last.

Our mission at Maraley is simple. We aim to update the business casual world for women’s dress so women can feel and be successful. There’s nothing that can stop a woman when she feels confident inside and out – we want to give that to women in the workforce. Whether you are your comfortable best in feminine dresses or fancy pants, our exclusive embroidered designs and collections give women the chance to show off their unique personality and make a statement.

With our extraordinary pieces, we combine the best of a fashionable, yet professional look with the uniqueness of femininity. All the outfits in our collections, whether they are casually chic dresses, breathable work pants or stylish blouses combine extreme comfort with classy elegance. Each of these statement pieces of the workplace are embroidered with fantastic geometric designs that allows any woman to show their unique style in the workplace.

Special designs like these just aren’t found in women’s office-wear nowadays. For all of you ladies out there, whenever you go shopping, you probably find it hard to find any pieces that really stand out to you. A bland blouse there, a boring pantsuit there, and oh, another solid-colored dress over there. Nothing’s unique anymore!

That’s why Maraley is so exceptional in today’s business casual fashion world. We aim to produce the most elegant fashion pieces possible for women to really show off their authenticity. Take this incredible navy dress, for example. While this dress is absolutely perfect if you need to dress up a bit at some office function, it still comes with an intricate embroidered pattern of tulips that takes it to the next level. Why would you choose a boring, solid black dress over one that actually allows you to showcase your unique personality?

Exactly…you wouldn’t!

Now, if you’ve been wondering about where the name “Maraley” comes from, we want to fill you in on that. Maraley was the name of an aspiring woman back in the early 1970s. She was somewhat of a pioneer in the science world. But back then, the science world was (and still is!) heavily male-dominated. That proved challenging for Maraley to handle, but nevertheless, she persisted.

She managed to remain completely loyal to her unique self and her traditions, while showing just how powerful and strong she was. We aim for the Maraley collection to reflect exactly that – the balance of traditional “male power” and femininity. While our extravagant fashion pieces does provide those unique feminine aspects, they still hold strong to a traditional style of women’s office-wear. The best of both worlds!

We want women to be confident in their ability to balance masculinity & femininity. There should be no confusion between holding conviction in your traditions and strengths, while playing up your special feminine and creative side in the workplace.