Being a mother is the hardest job that you can imagine and sometimes it leads to a nervous breakdown and frustration.

No mother will tell you about this, but there are few things that each of us should think and know about:


  2. 1. You made her cry ... many times.

She cried when she realized that she was pregnant. She cried when she gave you birth. She cried when she first took you in her arms. She cried from happiness. She cried from fear. She cried from worry. She was crying from an excess of feelings. She felt your pain and your happiness and shared it with you, whether you realized it or not.

  1. 2. It hurts.

When you dragged her hair, it hurts; When you scratched her with long fingernails that could not be cut, it hurts; when you bit her while she was breastfeeding you, it was very painful. You bruised her ribs when you were born, you stretched her stomach in nine months, and you brought her awful pain when you were born.

  1. 3. She was always afraid.

From the very beginning, she did everything in her power to protect you. She became your “mother-bear”. She wanted to say “no” when a little neighbor-girl asked her to hold you in her hands. And she cringed, when the girl took you in her arms. Your mother was convinced that only she can keep you safe. Her heart was beating twice as hard as yours with your first steps. She did not go to bed late to be sure that you would get home safely and get up early to make sure that you went to school. With every stumbling, she was ready to pick you up. She was there to make sure that everything was fine.

  1. 4. She knew that she was not perfect.

She is her own strictest critic. She knows her faults and sometimes she hates herself for them. The most difficult thing for her is when you see these shortcomings. She wanted to be the perfect mom, to do everything right, but she is also a human, and humans make mistakes. Perhaps she still beats herself up for them. She would like to go back in time with all her might and do everything differently, but she can not.  So be kind to her: she did everything she could.

  1. 5. Every time you cried, her heart was broken.

As soon as she saw those tears streaming down your face, she did everything she could to stop them. If she did not succeed, her heart was broken into a million pieces.

  1. 6. She cared about you much more and longer than nine months.

You just needed her, as she needed you. She learned to hold you while cleaning, eating, sometimes even asleep, because this was the only option for her to get some sleep. Her hands got tired, her back hurt, but she still held you in her arms, because you wanted to be closer to her. She cuddled you, loved you, kissed you and played with you. You felt safe in her hands, you felt that you were loved.

There is no end to mother’s care, sacrifice and love, and despite all the pain, the nights without sleep and the early awakenings through which you forced your mother to go through, she would have done it for you again, because you mean so much to her.

 In fact, the one thing I do know for sure about my mother. And maybe you do know it too.

  1. 7. You mean so much to her that she always put you first.

When I took decision to leave home and go abroad to study, she supported me. Although she knew her heart will tear to pieces from parting away from her favorite child.


When I got married and decided to settle abroad, she encouraged me to do so. Although she knew she will not see me as often as she would love to.

When my life got messy and I had to return home for a while, she was there for me. No single question, but a lot of love and support.

There are many things she didn’t approve of in my lifestyle, but she put up with them regardless.

Because my happiness and me meant so much to her. 

And today, in tribute to unconditional love my mother so abundantly pour over me, the least that I can do is to dedicate my work and my creation to her. To the one amazing woman who has always been the source of my inspiration.

Maraley, our brand’s name derives from her name and symbolizes the qualities she carries along: strength, resilience, feminine power, love, humbleness, vulnerability.


Maraley. Sophisticated fusion of business wear and feminine embroidery.

Maraley exclusive collection combines and reflects the best of those qualities: timeless, power-pieces with gentle touch of feminine embroidery that turns an ordinary into extraordinary and reminds all women of the world the simple truth:

 “I am powerful and gentle and that is my strength. Because I am a woman.”

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And do let us know in comments the one thing you didn’t know about your mother. And who knows maybe that one thing you’ve discovered will deepen the relationship with your mother even more.

And next time you see your mom, thank her and let her know how much you love her. There is never excess of such words.