Let’s admit it. Every woman regardless of the title she holds in corporate or business world wants to look attractive.  And while looking good is definitely not one of the highest priorities on her career list, no matter how ambitious woman is she wants to look good.

 It’s her woman’s nature. It’s what she is born with.

And that’s the reason why in childhood the girls play dress up and wear mom’s dress and high heels while admiring herself in the mirror.

Yes.  We have grown up now. And we are rushing through the life from one milestone to another but that little girl that found herself pretty even with mom’s red lipstick all over her face is still in us.

As we grow up, society and external pressure impacts heavily our dressing decisions. This can be felt more heavily in work environments with strict dress codes for ladies dresses.

We are professional and we are proud with things we have accomplished and the knowledge and experience we’ve gained through those years of career growth. We want to be acknowledged for that.

Which means we can’t really afford to throw away all those years of ‘sweat and blood’ to rubbish bin by making a wrong impression with a dress we wear at work. So we decide or ‘being decided’ (if I can say so) to go with clothing options dictated by external environment. And we deny and forget the girl inside us that yearned for her feminine and now and then capricious expression. (when was the last time you were little playful and capricious with your husband or boyfriend, btw?)

With changing business dynamics and so many ‘creative-preneurs’, dress codes had been loosened and we can finally allow ourselves to wear something bolder and more colorful than just conservative, silver or black suit. That in my opinion is merely an imitation of man’s standard suit.

Are we really an imitation of a man? Or we are much more than that?

And if we are not, why don’t we embrace that inner girl in us who loves the compliments about “how beautiful she looks today” but barely admits that because she has her career objectives and wants to be treated seriously.

And while I love independent and ambitious women and consider myself one of them, haven’t we forgotten our true feminine nature for the sake of conforming to norms dictated by society?

At Maraley, our mission is simple. To Celebrate a Woman in You.

And we do so, by creating designs in womens business casual dresses that enhance your sensual and feminine nature.  Our exquisite silk embroidery that originates form Turkic area refreshes and gently embellishes conventional business clothing so when we wear these ladies dresses, we feel the flow of the soft yet powerful feminine energy.

It’s sophisticated; it’s professional and slightly exotic. Because we all have something exotic in us that we might just discover if we look deeper inside.

Today look at yourself in the mirror and wink at the little adorable girl you will see.

And remember, you don’t have to dress like a man to be acknowledged for who you are. 

At Maraley, we see you and adore you as you are!

Now let the world to see you too!