Embroidery is music of the soul


If you have read our post “Magic of Natural Silk”, you will know we love embroidered clothing, especially how embroidery has gone through some sort of revival during the last few years.

There is something so rewarding and beautiful about designing an embroidered pattern. To see it comes to life in front of your very eyes and make a garment into a customised piece of clothing, whether it is office wear dresses, party wear clothes or wedding outfits! We love it, so we decided to write this post about why we love it and what makes this craft so beautiful. If we missed anything, start a discussion in the comments below, we would love to hear your views!

When it all started..

No one is really that sure of when ancient people started to embroider their clothes, or even who invented the art of embroidery, there are just a lot of pretty educated guesses.  Although many big wigs, also known as historians, guess that it most likely predates 30,000BC.  Amazingly, a recent archaeological finds confirm fossilized remains of heavily hand-stitched and decorated clothing, boots, and hats from before the basic beginning of time.

The artistry of embroidery, known as the art or handicraft of decorating fabric and other materials with needle and either yarn or thread was embraced quickly by China and Turkic area. Like we mention in our silk blog post, a lot of materials were used to show ranking. Embroidering and tapestry creation was also viewed as a privilege of the upper class. A lot of royalties in China and current Turkey (during the Ottoman era) used to employ “Master of Embroidery” to make sure they were always on hand. These masters were incredible artists and created breath-taking designs. Sometimes using their skills to create patterns on tapestries and other decorative items around the homes of “high society”. 

What I love about the history of this design is how it changed from country to country. Being as different, limitless and beautiful as the human finger print. A few years ago I was lucky enough to view ancient embroidered clothing; it was from Central Asian region and had breath taking designs all over the robes.  Ancient people there used an extensive colour pallet, although yellow, red and white threads were extremely popular during that era. The creativity and detail of designs are unbelievable. And each design and color has its own meaning! Thinking about the current production of embroidered clothing by modern machines and how the past people executed these large scale designs by hand! A talent and workmanship I definitely aspire to and something that ignited my passion in creation of my own designs.

Embroidery today

It’s no secret that that fashion has a habit of repeating itself, such as: vintage, chokers, dresses, pinstripe suits and hundreds of others. In my personal opinion embroidered clothing never really went out of fashion, the idea to customize your clothes with beautiful patterns and stitches have always been enjoyed, especially when it comes to floral patterns in spring.

One thing that holds true today is that newer generation artists are embracing it, repurposing designs from history to express their unique personality.  You can feel the countless hours, time, and emotion that went into creation of their embroidery work. Women put their feelings into embroidering on handmade cloth.  Its dedication and the focus that went into the finished pieces. And this certainly holds true for Maraley designs which are some of the finest embroidered silk clothes you can find in business dress stores  around the world, because for us, embroidered clothing is work-of –art. Its clothing with meaning.

I’m incredibly excited to see how refresh of embroidered clothing will go, the direction it will take and how we can be part of this embroidery revival!  It’s a truly humbling experience to be witnessing such a renaissance.

And what do you love about embroidery?

Let us know in comments below!