I am sure many of you heard that “natural silk is a child of east”. But have also heard of amazing qualities of a natural silk and its unnatural influence on human’s health?

In ancient China, the homeland of silk, solvent people wore silk clothing as a “shield” because it has natural protective qualities to keep safe the body energy from negative influence.

According to legends, silk strengthens the body, expels worries from the heart, enlightens the mind, and also sharpens the vision.

Silk helps a person to maintain an internal energetic balance and therefore in ancient times was always the first choice of clothing for those who closely worked with people and with stressful situations: for example for rulers and healers.

Natural silk being the finest natural protein fiber has unique qualities to regulate temperature depending on the season and ambient temperature, and absorbs moisture. Silk has also a beneficial effect on the nervous system and productivity of a person. It helps with better concentration of thoughts, and therefore it is recommended to engage in creative work and meditations in silk clothing.

Clothing made from silk has a pleasant glint, beautiful appearance, high elasticity and strength, as well as high sanitary and hygienic qualities, due to which silk is in great demand nowadays as well and make it an excellent fabric for making high-quality clothes.

Products made of silk are prestigious and usually expensive. They allow you to demonstrate your excellent taste and are an attribute of style and luxury. So, if you are wondering about how to be elegant at work, silk is the solution for all your needs.

However, finding authentic silk clothing at online clothing stores can prove to be a challenge. But you need not worry, for at Maraley, we lovingly craft our blouses from natural silk because we believe in all unique qualities of silk and its safeguard functions.

We believe women who wear our silk blouses enhanced with beautiful embroidery that is another amulet by itself will feel more unique, more sensual, more energetic, and more luxurious. Simply More.

It’s time for you to feel “silkiness”…