The New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Make in 2018!

Chances are high that if you’re reading this article, you’ve spent plenty of time making New Year’s resolutions in the past. Maybe you told yourself that you would read a book every couple of weeks. Or you planned on traveling more and seeing the world. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Any of you ladies out there who have made these kinds of resolutions probably didn’t see them through in the end. That’s just what happens when you get bogged down in the day-to-day grind of the New Year!

If you’re asking yourself how you can complete these resolutions, then the fact is that you’re asking the wrong question. Don’t think about how you can pound away at those “reading more books” or “traveling more” or “hanging out with friends more” resolutions. While those are well and good, think more about what behavioral changes you can make in 2018 that will make you a better woman and an even better entrepreneur.

Never, ever apologize for having an opinion.

Every single woman in the business world has had that moment where she’s sitting in a meeting room chock full of men. As the only woman in the room, you might feel nervous or even afraid of voicing your opinion when it’s different from all those guys around you. In 2018, every single woman entrepreneur should resolve to speak up, even in those smothering situations.

No matter what, your opinion is valid. Your opinion is valuable. And your opinion oftentimes will bring something to the table that your male colleagues could never have thought about before. Speak up, let your voice be heard, and you will definitely find reward for it.

Find and express your own authenticity.

When you’re working in an office – no matter how cool & hip it might be – there’s always the pressure to conform. And as a woman, you feel that pressure more often than your male counterparts, simply because of the nature of the workplace. You feel the pressure to keep the feminine side of things on the down-low. You might not be showing off too much of your feminine beauty in your clothes. You’re pressured to not wear that dress that really shows off your figure or that beautiful skirt you love so much. You might even not want to speak about your kids at work or chat about your family in your male-dominated workspace.

However, the opposite should be true. In 2018, make the resolution to be true to who you are and show your authenticity – especially with how you dress. Office looks like those from Maraley combine traditional office-wear with feminine embroidery, allowing your authenticity to shine through. When you have unique style and you’re confident in what you’re wearing, anything is possible!

Support other women around you.

It can be hard to find the time or the energy to support other women when you have so much on your plate yourself. However, women entrepreneurs need to support other women in all walks of life if things are to get better in the workplace. And there are plenty of ways to do this in 2018! Perhaps you can donate your time or money to a local women’s shelter. Or if you’re running your own business, think about hiring a female employee and giving them the opportunity to advance themselves.

New Year, New You! 

We want to wish you a very happy New Year and all of the best in 2018. Don’t be afraid to make the big changes this year. Wear what you want to wear. Be who you want to be. Say what you want to say. If you do that, then this is definitely going to be your year.