The Modern Woman’s Guide to Dressing for Work

The “Quiet Revolution” is a term that many people probably haven’t heard about before. However, this revolution was one of the most important to begin in the latter part of the 20th century. This was the revolution that quietly brought millions of women into corporate spaces in the late 1970s. More women were graduating from college and technical schools than ever before, allowing them to enter into professions in every field from the corporate world to medical fields to law. And this trend still stands today, with women making up around 47% of the total workforce in the United States.

Ever since this flood of working women has started, there’s been daunting misconception about how women should dress in the workplace. During the 1970s, the idea was that in order to look and feel powerful, women should wear outfits that look pretty much as men’s business suits. This would get a woman into the masculine corporate mindset of the business world. You could be feminine, but not too feminine. Work outfits weren’t supposed to be too bright, too flashy, or too tight. Women couldn’t wear too much jewelry, couldn’t have any visible tattoos, couldn’t wear stilettos, and perfume was out of the question.

However, as more and more women have entered the workforce, things are changing. Women-owned business firms now make up around 20% of employer firms in the United States, injecting over $1.3 trillion USD in sales into the economy, according to the latest report from the National Women’s Business Council. Because of this, women have felt empowered in recent years to question the reasoning behind the strict dress codes outlined above. Women are slowly shifting from dressing with masculine norms and conformity in mind to promoting their own personality & brand through what they wear.

There’s another side to this story, however. Even though women have started dressing for themselves in the workplace, there’s now confusion throughout a variety of workplaces as formal dress codes break down. Many women employees and women entrepreneurs have no idea how to dress in their offices. In the tech giants of Silicon Valley, it might be completely fine to come to work in business casual for women or sometimes, even a hoodie and pair of jeans. In more conservative law firms and financial companies, dress codes might have started loosening up, but there is now a hazy gray zone where women are stuck.

That’s why many women need advice on what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable, to wear to work in 2018. The drive for authenticity in women’s workwear has left many women in the workplace at a loss about what to take out of the closet in the morning. However, even though every women should (and now do) feel the freedom to add their own unique twist on workwear, there are some essentials that every woman should have in their closet.

Every Woman Should Have a Well-Made Blazer

This is one item of clothing that the “Quiet Revolution” brought into every businesswoman’s wardrobe that should stay in there. Even though the traditional blazer has been directly correlated with a man’s suit, the women’s blazer can be worn as part of a pantsuit or over a dress or skirt. If a woman is working in a quite liberal workplace, a blazer can even be worn with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual office look. With the number of colors, styles, and types of blazers available for women, this is a great balance between staying in the “dress-code” zone and showing off personality and unique branding. A perfect example of this is a gorgeous ladies suit with a blazer from Maraley that will definitely enhance every woman’s wardrobe. This unique piece is comfortable, stylish, and modest, yet will give you that feminine touch through sophisticated elegant embroidery that will let your personality shine through. And that makes it much more than a usual muscular office suit!

A Well-Cut Dress is a Must-Have

Since the 1970s, women have been utterly confused about the types of dresses that are appropriate for the workplace. They were concerned that they have a dress that’s too short or “shows too much skin”. However, nowadays, many women are using dresses as an empowering piece of clothing to both show off their figure and be comfortable in the workplace. It’s always good to have some solid-colored dresses in your wardrobe, but women also can show their personality with embroidered dresses and unique work-of art pieces like the one from Maraley. A great way to do that is with the little black exotic dress from Maraley, which adds an extra zest to the normal black dress and to your everyday look. This classy and modest black dress comes with a single embroidery zigzag design from the neck to the hem, highlighting your feminine beauty just in the right amount.

Add more Casual Dresses to your Work Wardrobe

Depending on how liberal or conservative a workplace is, the dress-code could be pretty casual. This trend of workplaces relaxing their dress codes and becoming more casual is driven by the over 60% of workers who say they’re more productive when dress is casual. As a woman, it can be hard to find casual dress that’s not just a hoodie and pair of sweatpants. That’s why, especially in the spring or summer times, women should have some more casual dresses to wear around the office. A business casual dress is super easy to wear around without having the tightness of a more “professional” work dress. Plus, this is one more opportunity for women to show off their unique personalities with casual dresses.

Get a little “flirty” with an Embroidered Blouse

When a modern woman is thinking about what to wear to work, a big area of confusion is the blouse. What’s too revealing? Should there be ruffles or designs?  What is feminine and flirty yet professional? An embroidered blouse from Maraley is one that will solve all of this confusion. Maraley has a full line of embroidered designer button-up blouses that are extremely comfortable and adds a little bit of a flirty appeal to any woman’s work look. The geometric patterns on these blouses allow you to really shine in the office, rather than blending into the background with a plain, solid colored blouse.

Women Are Changing the Workplace from the Inside Out  

Thanks to the floodgates opening and women entering the workforce in drones, they are having a huge role to play in the future of workplace dress code. If you’re confused about what to wear to work in 2018, refresh your look with some of the above items of clothing. No matter what, the trends are showing that it’s OK to show your authenticity at work through your clothing. This is where so many women now feel more empowered than ever. Go ahead! And make that change you want to see! In yourself, in the office and in the world!