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Maraley is built on a core belief: Every woman is unique. And when women embrace and express their authenticity through their own style and their own choices in favor of desired rather needed, they become an inspiration for others to shine the way they are!

Maraley, a young brand inspired by an amazing woman was established by designer in heart and in training, Mehri Babayeva in 2017. Traveling all around the world from her younger age, Mehri believes her independence and self-reliance has given her strength to shift from successful banking career to her passion in fashion and embroidery craft. That internal shift reflected in her first exclusive collection: fusion of traditional and masculine work-wear and refreshing feminine embroidery: a flow and shift from needed to desired.

A yoga lover and creative entrepreneur, Mehri aims to balance her daily business life of growing her company with relaxing flow of yoga and her passion for creating designs for women who understand the value of the balance in their life and want to make their mark with fresh, beautiful and elegant style.


A loving and compassionate daughter, Mehri dedicated her brand to an amazing woman and her mother, Maral, who’s values impersonated in the brand and collection. In early 70’s navigating through thorns of male dominated science environment, she remained humble yet resilient, gentle yet strong. Always in touch with her feminine power. Hence, the name, Maraley, strong yet gentle version of Maral.


Our goal at Maraley is to help women to STAND OUT at the workplace, corporate function, business or public speaking event with a powerful, beautiful and elegant look. And here comes the next best part! Not only do we design our own collection, but we integrate personal styling into the Maraley experience. We know you are exhausted of guessing what to wear, so our personal stylists will put together looks from our collections that work best for you. Take the guesswork out of the equation with the head-to-toe personalized styling box:

At Maraley, You Can Shop Multiple Ways

At Home via the Eleganto Box: Take a quick online survey, and an Maraley stylist will create a personalized box for you that includes a selection of wardrobe items and accessories.;This is not a subscription service, and there is no commitment! After your first Maraley Eleganto, you can “Re-Eleganto” as often as you like. Along the way, your Maraley stylist keeps you updated about new product and color offerings.;


Online with Guidance from a Stylist: Prefer to do your own thing? Shop our online store, knowing that our team of stylists is just a chat or an email away. Our stylists are here to help you build your work wardrobe in a personalized way.


About the Maraley Collection

Maraley collection is a curious amalgam and sophisticated fusion of classic corporate wear and minimalist feminine embroidery that elevates business casual style to a whole new creative level. An exclusive collection of statement dresses and classic staples with intricate embroidery details, Maraley is the first and foremost choice of every woman who desires to express her individuality through her unique style.


From premium fabrics and impeccable workmanship to custom tailoring and exquisite embroidery - Maraley work-of-art pieces are all about the details.

Nestled in the heart of truly Asian Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Maraley is committed to delivering high-quality, elegant pieces through seamless customer experience throughout the world.

The brand now synonymous with creativity and innovation in business fashion world, Maraley represents timeless elegance for chic, sophisticated women.

Maraley that began her life thanks to one woman invites every woman to celebrate her feminine victory and beauty.

Our Content and Community

Our blog, Maraley Blog, is a journey of a woman on her path for her unique self through her unique style. Want to join the conversation? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn