5 ways we are redefining business casual wear

Ever since the idea of business casuals was introduced to the corporate world in the 1980’s, women have faced the challenge of finding smart and flattering outfits that are fashionable, but appropriate for the work place.

The lack of a defined dress code makes the world of business casual women clothes tricky to navigate. Although this concept allows the flexibility to mix and match articles of clothing to create professional-looking outfits that reflect personal style, it is not always easy.

Fortunately, modern business casual women clothes from top womens clothing stores like Maraley collections make it possible to traverse this fine line between fashion and formality. Our contemporary dresses and outfits empower the modern business woman with choices that transcend into the realm of clothing arts by being trendy, yet acceptable in an office environment.

Here is how Maraley plays a role in redefining business casual for women.

Colorful and vibrant choices that celebrate femininity

Forget mundane and traditional head-to-toe black, white and neutral outfits. Instead, embrace vibrant and cheerful colors in our collection of business casual women clothes. With color blocking, bold hues and statement embellishments adding creative flair to business outfits, the balance is achieved with the right dose of neutrals for polished, put-together, boss-approved looks.

Styles that are trendy, but professional

Maraley collections boast of trendy business casual women outfits that create a professional appearance, while looking effortlessly fashionable. The underlying idea is to look elegant in proper clothes, while incorporating exciting elements like embroidery, neckline or sleeve styles and embellishments for statement style. Hence, our outfits are suitable for both business and corporate events, as they are executive outfits with subtle feminine accents.

Dresses that send the right message

Business casual outfits from Maraley collection are the right choice to reflect where you are in your career now. Whether you are a motivational speaker, life coach, business woman or corporate executive, impress your audience and co-workers with dresses from our updated and tasteful business casual women collection that suggest you are a serious career woman.

Dresses that are an extension of your personality

Business casual attires should not stifle your individuality. Instead, they should be ultra-trendy and celebrate your individuality. Maraley collections allow you to look stylish in apparel that accentuate your best assets and highlight your style preferences. Our well-fitted, flattering clothes with distinct feminine appeal will automatically improve your appearance and in turn boost your self-confidence and enhance productivity.

No compromise on quality

Updating your wardrobe with trendy and fashion-forward business casual women outfits is easier said than done. You should not have to settle for anything but the best, while sticking to a budget. Maraley collections bring together comfort, professionalism and pocket-friendly prices.

Creative designs, perfect fits and unique embellished styles are some of the benchmarks of every business casual women outfits in the Maraley collections. They are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd with business-like, but delightfully chic outfits. Explore Maraley collections, the leading name in business casual womens clothing stores today and find game-changing clothes that will aid you in your quest to establish your presence in the business world.