Make this Thanksgiving different by being grateful to yourself


“Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

Thanksgiving is soon approaching. So, spare a moment to ponder over these wise words by Margaret Cousins that will make you look at appreciation and gratitude from a fresh perspective, which we will soon tell you about.

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we find ways to express gratitude to the people in our life for what they have done for us or for just simply being in our lives. This tradition has been passed down generations and it is an amazing way to be grateful for our many blessings and to appreciate the people we love.



Now, here is a thought-provoking question—how many times have you done the same for yourself? Do you appreciate yourself in the same way, at least once a year?  

Every busy career woman knows that stress is her constant companion. From daily challenges at work to balancing personal needs with the demands of your job, you battle numerous difficult situations every day. And only you are aware of the trials you undergo and the extent of trouble you undertake to efficiently manage your career and personal life.

But, how often do you take stock of accomplishments in your career life and personal life, and reward yourself?

If you said never, it is high time you re-assessed your priorities this Thanksgiving!

If you think the idea of self-gifting is selfish, you should know that there are several profound benefits to gifting yourself the focus you deserve.

Research suggests that being grateful impacts your overall well-being and success. A little self-care and self-indulgence will uplift your spirits, improve self-esteem and keep you motivated to do your work better.

Believe it or not, occasional treats for yourself will help you better appreciate what you have in your career and personal life. It will also motivate you to push your boundaries and grow in the right direction.

In fact, why should you restrict yourself to self-gifting only at Thanksgiving?

Treat every day as Thanksgiving and reward yourself every time you achieve a significant milestone in your career or personal life. This will help you stay optimistic and motivate you to keep up the good work.

So, reflect on yourself and your situation this Thanksgiving. Be grateful for a career that gives you recognition, satisfaction and the ability to buy what you want. And treat yourself to a gift you love, because you truly deserve it!

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