With February here and Valentine’s day soon approaching, it is officially the most romantic time of the year. As malls and supermarkets set up giant red sections with roses and candy hearts and with special Valentine’s day offers everywhere, most women feel the need to be loved and appreciated now, more than at any other time of the year.

Valentine’s day has been a romantic holiday for ages; one that is defined by men displaying their affection for their partner. It reinforces the stereotype that it is the man’s duty to express his love through a grand gesture or expensive gift. It is also that day of the year when the gift you receive defines your worth.

So, it is not surprising that Valentine’s day can be particularly difficult for women who aren’t in a relationship, since it draws attention to their single status.

In this modern day and age, does this make sense? If you are a strong, independent, capable and proud woman, why should your self-worth be defined by your relationship or lack thereof, on any day of the year?

At Maraley, we believe that it is high time to make Valentine’s Day more inclusive. Irrespective of whether you are single, engaged or married, have a partner, or are at cross-roads in your relationship, there is no reason to feel left out on Valentines day.

You do not need someone else to acknowledge or appreciate you. And you do not need a significant other to feel powerful or valuable. You can do it yourself and you should!

One of the best things you can do is to acknowledge that you are empowered and special.

If you are in a happy relationship, it is because you chose the right companion who understands your worth. If you are single, look at the positive side—you have all the time, energy and resources to focus on “yourself.” Enjoy the freedom to make your own choices, and maybe you will even want to stay that way.

Recognize that you deserve to be treated with respect and love and celebrate the fact that you did not settle for a relationship because you had no other choice.

So, this Valentine’s day, embrace your situation in life and break free from traditional stereotypes.

Don’t wait for a significant other to give you a gift that you desire. Instead, treat yourself to it! Find a fantastic Valentine’s day gift that celebrates the powerful woman you are and all your achievements.

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Remember that the only person you should impress is yourself. So, dress up in a stylish new outfit that makes you feel wonderful and smile at the confident face you see in the mirror. When you look and feel great, all thoughts of insufficiency will simply vanish. Try it, it can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself!