Dress for success by choosing outfits according to body type

Have you ever wondered why certain outfits make you look like a million dollars while others do not flatter you at all? This is simply because different dress styles suit different body shapes. When you wear clothes with cuts, styles and silhouettes that highlight your best assets, you will naturally look your best. Whether it is for work or a casual setting, it is essential to choose outfits that play up your best features to look smart and fashionable. And to choose such outfits, you should first find out which of the four basic body types—Apple, Pear, Straight or Hourglass—best describes you. You can then choose clothes that accentuate your specific body type. To identify your body type, begin by measuring your shoulder, bust, waist and hips. Now compare these measurements to find out which of the following categories you belong to.

Apple or Inverted Triangle

You are apple-shaped if your shoulder and bust measurements are greater than your hip measurement. Apple-shaped women are heavier in the upper half than the lower body, as most of the weight rests above the hips. You will also lack a well-defined waistline.

Best dress styles for Apple body shape

To even out the slighter proportions of your lower body and create the illusion of a balanced figure, choose outfits that elongate your torso and distract from your midriff area. Blouses and tops in solid and dark colors with long sleeves make the upper body appear smaller. Tops and dresses with fitted sleeves will also reduce the impact of a fuller bust and mid-section. For outerwear, choose long jackets and coats that extend to the hip. Flowy skirts and printed pants will camouflage the slighter proportions of your hips and shift focus to your slender legs. A-line dresses and layered or ruffled skirts and trousers flatter the apple shape. You will also be able to carry maxi dresses with style. When choosing pants, opt for slim-fit and skinny styles that elongate your legs and wear them with breezy tops.

Styles to avoid

Stay away from figure-hugging silhouettes and relaxed fit pants as these create an unflattering boxy look. Let us now look at the different styles that are perfect for apple-shaped women.

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Credit: Maraley.com
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Pear or Triangle

If you have a pear-shaped body, your lower body will be more prominent than the upper half. You will have full hips and narrow shoulders. When choosing clothes, the trick to balancing out your figure is to find outfits that draw the eye upwards. This will highlight your waist and smaller bust, and make you appear slimmer.

Best dress styles for Pear body shape

Apparel that adds volume to the upper torso will balance out the proportions of this body type. Bright and bold colored tops and printed blouses are your best choices. You can also add texture to your upper body with lace, ruffles, cowl necklines, bell sleeves and similar style elements. Dresses with dramatic necklines and belted skirts will play up your slender upper body. Pear-shaped women look fantastic in maxi and column dresses that highlight their curves. Choose A-line silhouettes and blazers or jackets that end at the waist to enhance your upper half. When choosing pants, opt for classic wide-leg pants or skinny denims in dark shades.

Styles to avoid

Loose skirts and pants will draw attention to your bulky hip and rear area, creating an unbalanced overall look. Here are some dress choices that flatter pear-shaped women.

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Straight or rectangle

If your shoulder and hip measurements are similar and you are you are not particularly curvy, you most likely have a straight or rectangle body type.

Best dress styles for straight body shape

By defining the waistline and creating the illusion of curves where there are none, the straight body type can be transformed to look feminine. Textured tops and flowy A-line skirts or dresses with details in the waistline achieve this effect. Emphasize your slender arms and well-toned shoulders with sleeveless or off-the-shoulder necklines, statement collars and embellished details. Cropped jackets and fitted outerwear will also enhance your figure by adding pretty layers. You can easily pull off sleeveless, strapless and halter neckline styles, because of your toned shoulders, collar bones and arms. When wearing pants, opt for relaxed fits that add more definition to the waist area. Pair them with flowy blouses or tops that can be tucked in and if you prefer, add a belt to futher define the waistline.

Styles to avoid

Avoid high-waisted pants and straight skirts that emphasize your straight shape. Also stay away from apparel in stiff fabric and details like vertical stripes. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some dress styles that are ideal for rectangle-shaped women.

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You have a very desirable hourglass figure if both halves of your body are well-balanced and your waistline is well-defined. With your slender waistline, full bust and hips that balance out the proportions of the upper and lower body halves, it is easy to dress your body type.

Best dress styles for hourglass body shape

Every dress style looks great on the hourglass because of its balanced structure. Flaunt your curves in outfits that gather at your waist, which is also the slenderest part of your frame. Hourglasses look great in form-fitting tops, peplum blouses and wrap tops. Choose figure-fitting silhouettes like the mermaid or sheath to accentuate your natural shape. Stretchy leggings and skinny pants are the best choices to highlight your curves. Pair them with tops or blouses with sleeveless and halter necklines for added drama.

Styles to avoid

Long and loose-fitting dress styles like the maxi dress do not do justice to your body shape as they hide your natural curves. Also avoid layering up in short jackets that hit at the waistline and boxy tops and pants that hide your curvy figure. Let us visit some dress styles that will help you flaunt your hourglass body shape.

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